Men’s green ceramic necklace “Predator”

SKU: MNM 0036


  • Choker Length: 50 cm
  • Weight Choker: 35 g  (± 5 g)
  • Bead Size: 11 mm; 9 mm


  • Beads made of high-temperature ceramics of high quality
  • stainless steel accessories
  • leather cord 2 mm


  • Gift bag made of bagging

The peculiarity of Berogy ceramic jewelry is in its strength and durable use, made of environmentally-green material, hypoallergenic.


To clean the ceramic product, just wipe it with a wet wipe or rinse it in slightly soap solution, and afterwards wipe it with a dry, napless wipe.

Do not expose the products to chemical or mechanical effects.

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